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Jonathan D. Berger | Vp & Executive producer
office: 717-380-3854

Mobile: 717-991-9606

What We Love to Do

Wakeen Studios is a part of the Wakeen & Company family of brands. While each brand specializes in an aspect of marketing & communications, at the heart of it all we help our clients be intentional. 

At Wakeen Studios we believe that video is a vital tool to effectively communicate the story of your business or organization and we are adamant that every story should be told. If a picture tells a thousand words, at 24 frames per second video cements a memory.

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COLLATERAL: Any collection of promotional or marketing materials that an organization uses to promote their products and services; increase sales and conversions; build loyalty and retention internally or externally; or educate, engage, and inform its target audience about its industry or brand message.