Creative Services


What would happen if your audience saw the most impactful things your organization has ever done?

Brand Features

Imagine if people stopped scrolling to watch your ad… & then remembered it.

Culture Spotlights

What would the impact be if your audience could peek behind the curtain & understand that certain “je ne sais quoi” which makes you, you?

What is a CaseStory?

It is your brand in action.

A CaseStory tells a specific story about a particular situation, when your brand overcame a challenge. In CaseStory’s we don’t pull any punches or speak in corporate jargon. We tell the story:  the obstacles, the stakes, and how your brand, served the real hero (your client).

  • Typically 2 to 4 minutes in length.
  • Interview-driven narrative with story beats accented by music & visual tonal shifts. Imagery comprised of relevant, curated footage.
  • Evokes emotions of authority, empathy, & authenticity.
  • Proven successful for sales, fundraising, & online engagement.

What is a Brand Feature?

It is your brand elevated.

A Brand Feature harnesses the power of emotions like humor, awe, and interest. We purposefully manufacture a potent video to spike your viewer’s emotions, then, while the emotions are high, we tie in your branding, forever cementing you in the viewer’s memory.

  • Typically 15 – 60 seconds (but longer form video is not unusual).
  • Highly energetic, often cinematic, and pacing is driven by music & attention-grabbing creative foundation.
  • Evokes emotions of humor, allure, and likeability.
  • Proven successful for brand recognition, engagement, and sales.

What is a Culture Spotlight?

It is your brand illuminated.

A Culture Spotlight brings clarity to the more intangible aspects of your organization. The goal is to be factually clear and emotionally resonant. The result is an elevated corporate video with heart, soul, and clarity.

  • Typically 1 – 3 minutes.
  • Displays the core values & personality behind your work, communicated through interviews and b-roll capturing the heart of your organization.
  • Evokes emotions of trust, understanding, and belonging.
  • Effective for recruiting, onboarding, and brand loyalty.