The world of digital marketing moves fast.

Trends change, but consistency remains king.

Your Problem is this: You already understand the significant upside of regularly putting your brand in front of audiences (customers, clients, donors, etc), but creating and maintaining consistent engagement can be a formidable undertaking.

We've Developed a Solution...

Social Engagement Pack

For businesses who want to leverage the built-in audience and reach offered by social media platforms, this package is designed to super-charge your brand’s narrative and provide a steady stream of creative visuals to connect with your audience.

Engage your audience quarterly with a strategic variety of six social platform style videos, meant to convey authenticity without the time and expense associated with typical, highly-produced brand commercials. The value here is to provide regular touchpoints with your audience, which builds brand trust and loyalty.

Stay “top of feed” with a growing library of professional photography that includes five to ten new stills each quarter which your team can leverage to share your brand’s story and personality through static visual posts, event invitations, promotional offers, website refreshes, paid ads, and more.

We’re not just content creators; we’re your storytelling partners. Twice a year, we will collaborate in a 60-90 minute creative workshop, to strategize to meet current needs, build upon successes, and plan capture sessions.

Many organizations find themselves with visual assets and little to no plan of action. That’s why our team delivers an easily digestible annual roadmap of suggestions (both current trends and reliable best practices) regarding how/where your content could be placed for maximum impact.

For those organizations who are already operating at capacity, we can offer turn-key solutions to oversee the managerial aspects of your social media (scheduling, posting, caption writing, analytics assessments, etc) for an additional investment.

Wakeen Studios has a proven track record of elevating brands across various industries, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing/design, and non-profits. We bring clarity to your brand's narrative, ensuring that every piece of content resonates with your target audience.